Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Codex, New Blog

Farseer Fail here! Whoa, new blog, lah dee dah!

I figured I had better keep my army-based blogs separate, so I've created this blog to chronicle all the epic win I will be experiencing with my brand new Dark Angels codex.

The codex and corresponding Advance Order package arrived on my doorstep yesterday, so I am only barely getting started with the latest revision of the First Legion. And let me just say


It's not that there is anything truly outstanding or out of balance with the new rules, it's just that I'm used to my old 4th ed codex and the very limited options it presents. For the first time in history there is more than a single blatant option for how to build a Dark Angels force!

Azrael, who used to be a very overpriced HQ choice is now a must for any doublewing/triple-wing list. Belial's price increased by almost 50% but he's still a solid choice.

For the first time since I started playing them the Dark Angels can actually use standard marine equipment! Land Raider Crusaders! Las-plas razorbacks! 

I won't even go into the new units yet.

Speaking of those new units, my initial purchase included the new flyer, the new speeder kit, andone each of the new Deathwing and Ravenwing boxes. Oh and gee, look here! I have a bunch of unbuilt termies and bikes sitting around, so I guess I WILL be using these kits to produce both sets of options, heheh. (I will definitely keep you all posted on how that works out).

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